When Petra's rock band, Petra ex Machina, encounters a serious creative setback, they unwittingly stumble upon a mysterious door to the underworld which offers the band dark powers and reunites Petra with the spirit of her deadbeat father trapped inside the body of a teddy bear! The group now must channel their new rockstar powers to achieve their dreams while also trying to navigate the chaos of having a portal to Hell in their garage!
The Full Animated Pilot
Various Finished Composited Shots

After Writing a 9 Page Script in the Summer of 2023 I quickly moved to storyboarding the whole Pilot
3D Modeling and Prop Design:
I Ultimately decided that it would be easier for me to try and animate the project in 3D since that would allow me the ease of reusable models/rigs (This was probably not a great idea because I had never used blender before and this was certainly one way to introduce myself to the program)
I also decided I wanted to animate the faces of the models in 2D using Procreate Dreams so it had a nice balance between the two animation formats.
The Cast
Various Work in Progress Shots
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